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All Safety eyewear sold in Australia must conform to AS1337:2010 which includes spectacles, goggles and face shields. Protection is rated as low, medium or high impact with specific products offering additional protection from UV Rays, polarised lenses or protection against chemical and molten metals (face shields, wire screens and visors)

We have a range of products including safety glasses, safety goggles and accessories available for purchase on our website.

Wear Prescriptions? We are distibutors of the IC Safety Range. These safety glasses features double-sided hard anti-fog coated lenses available in 8 different colors. Powder coated arms for added comfort. The optical lens sits behind the safety lens, so, if they are scratched for any reason, the cheaper safety glasses are simply replaced and the more expensive prescription lenses are undamaged!

If we don't have an item listed on-line, contact us - we can provide competitive pricing, and can arrange for fast delivery.


$5.30 $4.00

SKU: PC-1605

PROCHOICE TSUNAMI Amber Safety Glasses (1605)

$5.30 $4.00

SKU: PC-1600

PROCHOICE TSUNAMI Clear Safety Glasses (1600)

$5.30 $4.00

SKU: PC-1602

PROCHOICE TSUNAMI Smoke Safety Glasses (1602)


SKU: PC-3000

PROCHOICE 3000 Visitors Clear Safety Glasses


SKU: PC-3002

PROCHOICE 3002 Visitors Smoke Safety Glasses


SKU: PC-6400

PROCHOICE 'GENERAL' Clear Safety Glasses


SKU: PC-6402

PROCHOICE 'GENERAL' Smoke Safety Glasses

$8.30 $7.50

SKU: PC-9142

PROCHOICE 9142 'BREEZE' Smoke Safety Glasses

$8.30 $7.50

SKU: PC-9140

PROCHOICE BREEZE Clear Safety Glasses



PROCHOICE Iso Propyl Wipes

$12.50 $12.00

SKU: PC-7005

PROCHOICE 7005 'TYPHOON' Amber Safety Glasses

$12.50 $12.00

SKU: PC-7002

PROCHOICE TYPHOON Safety Glasses (7002)

$12.50 $12.00

SKU: PC-7008

PROCHOICE TYPHOON Safety Glasses (7008)


SKU: NEC-110-012

IC Safety - Amber Safety Glasses


SKU: NEC-110-015

IC Safety - Blue Safety Glasses


SKU: NEC-110-110

IC Safety - Brown Safety Glasses


SKU: NEC-110-003

IC Safety - Clear Mirror Safety Glasses


SKU: NEC-110-002

IC Safety - Clear Safety Glasses


SKU: NEC-110-013

IC Safety - Orange Safety Glasses


SKU: NEC-110-008

IC Safety - Smoke Mirror Safety Glasses