FREE DELIVERY ON ALL ORDERS OVER $150We are authorised resellers for Steel Blue Boots which are Australian made. We stock boots with zips, composite toe caps, 300C rated soles and more. If we don't have your style in stock, we can can order them direct from Steel Blue Boots. All Steel Blue footwear are 100% Comfort Guaranteed.

We can order custom-made boots if you have specific requirements.

We stock a range of women's boots including the Southern Cross, Argyle in a range of colours including pink and purple workboots with a portion of every sale donated to Breast Cancer Awareness.

Peninsula Safety Supplies also have a range of footwear for those on a budget. Rollins Boots are lightweight, comfortable and tough. Rollins Boots are made for Australian conditions - available in traditional lace-up and elastic-sided boots and a composite-toe jogger.