Embroidery, Screenprinting & Sublimation

embroidery (noun) - the art or pastime of embroidering cloth


If you need to get your business noticed, we can recommend the right treatment for the best result.

Adding Embroidery to a garment achieves a depth and dimension not available elsewhere as the different colour threads can make your logo shine. Most fabrics can be embroidered meaning most work wear is perfect for your logo including polo shirts, work shirts, jackets and work pants.

We convert your logo for embroidery which is stitched directly onto your work wear. We can place a logo anywhere to achieve maximum impact.

How will your logo look once embroidered?
Embroidery is made using thread and stitched with needles. Many printed logos contain small text. Logos with excessive detail often need to be simplified to achieve a consistent, reliable quality.

We'll do our best to color match as close as possible your design from the embroidery colors available. We create a proof to show you exactly how your logo will look once embroidered.

What does it cost and how long will it take to complete my order?
Embroidery can cost as little as $5.00 per garment*. We have a huge supply network if you have a particular brand or product style in mind.
Once your design has been approved, turnaround time will largely depend on what other orders are already scheduled. Contact us today to discuss your ideas.


screen-printing (verb) - force ink on to (a surface) through a prepared screen of fine material so as to create a picture or pattern

We recommend IM Magic Print who are conveniently located next door. We can co-ordinate everything and provide a single invoice for all your work wear, embroidery and screen-printing needs.

Screen Printing is best suited to larger designs and becomes more economical for larger orders. Thin fabrics often don’t embroider well and can lead to puckering but this is not an issue with screen-printing. A screen is used for each colour, so, setup costs involving multiple colours will cost more than a single print design.


sublimation A technique that uses heat sensitive inks to print onto plastics, card, paper or fabric to achieve a detail that could notherwise be achieved

Digital Printing (also known as Sublimation) is the direct printing onto paper, card or fabric with heat sensitive inks. Large format ink-jet printers can transfer complex designs onto fabrics which are then stitched to create the garment.

A good example of sublimation is sports clothing with designs that are completely printed. The easy way to identify a sublimated product in to turn it inside-out, if it's white on the inside but coloured on the outside, it's probably sublimated.

Sublimation is a complex process and we will direct you to one of our local suppliers for design and pricing.

* Digitised files created free of charge always remain the property of Peninsula Safety Supplies.