Choose SCOPE Optics for Safety Glasses & Ear Muffs

Date Posted:23 October 2018 

GENISYS Safety Glasses solve the problem of wearing Safety Glasses with Ear Muffs forever!

Forget the discomfort of having to wear safety glasses underneath ear muffs - this problem has been solved by SCOPE OPTICS with their GENISYS Range of safety glasses with interchangable arms and replaceable lenses - now you can wear the same frames with clear, smoke, mirrored and even polarised lenses.

Wearing earmuffs and safety glasses can become uncomfortable with the pressure of the earmuffs pressing against the head. This also reduces the effectiveness of the ear muffs and allows more sound to enter. With the Genisys this problem is solved - simply remove the arms off the safety glasses and attach the headband. It's elasticised (and adjustable) to get the perfect fit.

The Genisys range includes dust gasket (standard with some models) and all models can accept prescription lenses in a special Rx Frame.

We also stock the LATEST MODEL GENISYS + includes rechargeable LED lighting!