43,00 Different Ways to Tie your Shoelaces

Date Posted:22 August 2014 

Did you know that a pair of boots with just 12 eyelets can be tied in more than 43,000 different ways?

Please Note: We are not about to demonstrate all 43,000 methods of tying laces in this article. The actual number of combinations required to tie a pair laces depends on the number of eyelets, but, maths shows us that for a pair of work boots with 12 eyelets there are at least this many combinations.

Popular styles include 'Criss-Cross' and 'Over Under'. Did you know that when you buy a pair of boots (or shoes), they are often tied in a pattern referred to as 'Shoe Shop' which is an easy pattern to recreate?

Visit www.shoelace-knots.com to see animated instructions for over 40 different methods to personalise your boots laces

Trivia - The tip of a shoelace is called an 'Aglet'
Trivial Trivia - The odds of winning Saturdays Lotto are more than 46,000,000:1



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'Thanks' to Ian Fieggen (Melbourne) who freely provides a wealth of information and knowledge on this topic on his website