THORZT Chill Skinz Cooling Towel - Blue

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THORZT Chill Towel

The THORZT ‘Chill Skinz’ Cooling Towel stays cool for hours with no refrigeration or cold water needed – just ‘Wet, Wring and Wave’.

The towel is made from PVA material which can retain moisture for periods far longer than conventional towels, and contains a special plant extract that (once activated) turns moisture cold regardless of it’s initial temperature.

Submerge the THORZT Cooling Towel in any temperature water and let is soak for three to five minutes.
Wring out the excess water, leaving it nice and moist.
Take hold of two of the corners, and wave it up and down for about ten seconds - up to 30 seconds if very hot.
Wrap it around your neck or other warm point on the skin for instant cooling relief.

Give it a quick wave every 15-20 minutes to reactivate the cooling process. Re-wet every few hours as needed.
When finished, dampen it, fold it, and return it to it’s original packaging. Do not fold it dry. The cloth is anti-microbial which will prevent any mould or mildew growth.

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