SnakeSafe Snake Gaiters give you the protection that you need when you are spending time in the bush, long grass or anywhere where snakes are lurking.

Rigorously tested by one of Australia’s leading herpetologists, Living with Wildlife, these gaiters have proven their performance. All venomous snakes of Australia tried to bite through this protection – none succeeded. SnakeSafe gaiters offer peace of mind to all farmers, outdoor workers and nature enthusiasts.
SnakeSafe. Proven Protection. Australia’s Classic Snake Gaiter.

  • Protection from the knee to the ankle
  • Zip fastens from the top to the bottom, making them easy to get on
  • Straps under the boot to keep the SnakeSafe gaiter in position and for a better fit
  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for recreational or professional use
  • Super-tightly woven fibres give you protection that you can trust


Unit Of Measure Each