New Range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) now available

Date Posted:12 October 2015 

PRO Choice Safety gear now available online - Buy in bulk and save even more! PRO Choice Safety gear now available online - Buy in bulk and save even more!

Many traditional 'Bricks and Mortar' Businesses now have websites that sell 24/7 - and in some cases Have been replaced completely online. Shopping Centres open 7 days - remember when they closed midday Saturday and didn't reopen until Monday morning?

Adapting to a changing environment is important and offering products and services to a make Small Business 'Stand Out' is paramount to continued success.

As a Small Business, Rollins Boots are no different - and to keep things running nicely during somewhat difficult times, we've been keeping busy - on growing the business.

Since relocating to Redcliffe, we have been providing our Corporate Clients with a personalised service - outfitting workers on-site with footwear - and are regularly asked the same question "Do you have any other safety gear?"

Paramount Safety seemed the obvious choice once we decided to investigate expansion an we are excited to announce that we can now supply any products from the PRO Choice safety gear range. If you can't find it on our website, we can special order any products. The need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is growing rapidly and PRO Choice are widely regarded as having the best quality and most technically advanced safety products in the Australian and New Zealand safety equipment market.

We offer special pricing on bulk orders and will always look to be competitive no matter how small your need. Orders above $150 will be shipped FREE Australia-Wide. Use the Shop Online feature on our website for latest pricing or visit the PRO Choice website if you need something we currently do not have listed.

If you would like to discuss your safety requirements, please contact us to arrange an on-site visit or quote. We're sure we can save you time and money.

Back in November (2014), we announced that we would be supplying PUMA ENERGY Outlets exclusively with work boots, this will shortly include a select range of 'Safety Essentials' - items commonly used to protect the head, eyes, ears and hands - at participating Outlets across Australia.